Low Code Development

At futureX, we recognize the importance of solving business challenges with user-friendly visual tools that eliminate the need for coding and accelerate operations through seamless data integration and distribution. We understand that professional developers require an effortless way to create and share applications across any device.

Our low-code development platform empowers you to rapidly build end-to-end applications with minimal coding, freeing up your IT staff to focus on more valuable tasks. Streamline your business processes, from simple departmental functions to complex enterprise-wide operations, and gain enhanced speed and agility. Leverage a modelling-driven environment that enables quick design and development of comprehensive applications with simple point-and-click configurations.

Key Services of Low-Code Development

App Development

Enables collaborative development across diverse developers with a shared visual language and dedicated Integrated Development Environments (IDEs), ensuring quick and efficient alignment with business requirements.


Effortlessly build and deploy portable, scalable, and resilient applications without the need for specialised expertise. Deploy your applications anywhere with just a single click.


Design visually appealing and context-aware smart applications that deliver exceptional user experiences across various touchpoints and modalities.

Artificial Intelligence

Embrace intelligent applications by seamlessly integrating AI and cognitive services, enhancing the capabilities of your solution.

Intelligent Automation

Achieve end-to-end process automation with applications that seamlessly connect people, data, and systems together.

Data Integration

Our platform is open and extensible at every level, allowing seamless integration of data and logic from any data source, system, or service.

Benefits of Low-Code Development

Improved Agility

Operate at digital speed by creating app capabilities that ensure smooth functionality across multiple devices.

Cost Effective

Build more apps in less time, leading to cost savings. Additionally, low-code development reduces the need for extensive hiring, making the entire organisation more cost-effective and productive, not just the IT department.

Increased Productivity

Develop more applications in less time, transforming what used to take months into days or even minutes. Low-code development removes time constraints and encourages real innovation.

Better Customer Experience

Low-code development positively impacts the entire organisation, resulting in an improved customer experience. Organisations can swiftly adapt to market changes and fulfil customer needs with agility.

Effective Risk Management & Governance

With constantly evolving regulations on a global scale, it can be challenging for organisations to keep up. Low-code development allows for rapid changes, enabling compliance with requirements and staying ahead of deadlines.

Easy Assimilation

Low-code development facilitates easy modification and adaptation of applications to meet new requirements. Complex coding is no longer necessary, making immediate changes simple and hassle-free.

Accelerated Transformation

In today’s digital landscape, business transformation is imperative. Low-code development removes complexity from building exceptional and modern business apps, resulting in smoother operations. By leveraging the benefits of low-code development, organisations can readily adapt and respond to rapidly changing business conditions.

Key Competencies of futureX Low Code Development

Choose your preferred Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

We provide customised IDEs to suit the needs of every developer. For business users, we offer a user-friendly WYSIWYG, no-code IDE. Professional developers can benefit from our low-code IDE called Studio Pro. Both IDEs are designed to synchronise bidirectionally, ensuring seamless collaboration.

Streamlined Cloud-native Scaling

Our applications are designed to simplify cloud operations by default. They are built with a cloud-native architecture following the 12-factor microservice approach. This allows for vertical and horizontal scalability without the need for complex re-architecting.

Intelligent Development Simplified

Experience the convenience of our AI-powered built-in development assistant. It streamlines and expedites the development process by providing guidance to new developers and boosting the productivity and capacity of seasoned professionals.

Consistent Governance

Ensure optimal performance and quality of your applications with our comprehensive monitoring tools. We prioritise security and governance through user-based security measures, version control, automated testing, and an extensive admin suite.

Effortless Application Lifecycle Management

Manage the entire lifecycle of your applications seamlessly from a single platform. Our solution covers development, testing, refactoring, deployment, and continuous monitoring to ensure high-quality results.

Simplified Deployment

With just a single click, deploy your applications on public, private, or hybrid clouds. Our deployment process prioritises security and seamless integration with your existing tools and data, eliminating any concerns.

Frequently asked questions

Low-code is an approach to application development that utilises visual tools to simplify and expedite the process. It enables both professional and non-professional developers to collaborate effectively and rapidly build and deliver applications.

Absolutely! Our low-code platforms are designed specifically with business users in mind, ensuring simplicity and ease of use. Extensive training is not required. However, experienced developers can also leverage their skills by incorporating code to handle more complex scenarios.

Yes, indeed! Applications built with low-code platforms are automatically optimised for all devices. These mobile-first applications eliminate the need for developers to write and maintain separate code bases for different devices. This time-efficient solution ensures compatibility across various devices.

Still have questions?

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SplashBI offers ready-made reports and dashboards tailored to key business areas, enabling users to make informed and decisive business choices. The comprehensive SplashBI framework comprises several specialised components, including SplashEBS (for Oracle EBS reporting), SplashGL (Financial Analytics), SplashHR (People Analytics), SplashOC (Oracle Cloud Reporting), and SplashDM (Discoverer Migration Utility). These components cater to the unique requirements of our esteemed customers, allowing them to derive value without the need for extensive custom development. Our software seamlessly connects to both on-premises and cloud data sources, such as big data, SQL databases, spreadsheets, and popular applications like Google Analytics and Salesforce. The ability to access and integrate multiple data sources without coding simplifies data management processes.

To illustrate, SplashEBS serves as a pre-built connector accompanied by optional pre-built reports that possess a deep understanding of Oracle EBS security, roles, responsibilities, DFFs, KFFs, and the overall structure of Oracle EBS. With an extensive collection of over 1300 pre-built reports, SplashBI covers more than 35 EBS Modules, providing users with the assurance that they will only access the data pertinent to their roles. Likewise, for Oracle Cloud users, SplashOC offers a vast selection of 550+ pre-built dashboards across various modules, enabling them to harness the power of our software effectively. 

futureX has formed a strategic alliance with Mendix to offer a robust software development platform to professional developers. This platform enables developers to undertake large-scale application development projects for esteemed clients in diverse sectors such as financial services, insurance, logistics, public sector, and oil & gas companies in the Middle East. By leveraging the power of low-code technology, futureX empowers Mendix to streamline their operations and enhance overall efficiency. From basic to highly intricate applications, the low-code platform excels in integrating multiple channels and latest technologies, while ensuring significant cost savings throughout the application lifecycle.

With a strong focus on bridging the gap between data scientists, IT experts, and business professionals, our esteemed customers enjoy the benefits of an analytic platform that is both code-free and code-friendly. This platform empowers users to explore, prepare, analyse, and operationalize analytic models, collaboratively and under a governance framework. It offers unparalleled flexibility, facilitating seamless integration of analytics into business processes. 

This collaboration with Hyland will significantly boost the trust of customers who choose to invest in OnBase, Alfresco, Nuxeo platform for streamlining operations and effectively handling crucial business data in a secure centralised platform. As a result, it highlights futureX’s unwavering dedication to creating, integrating, and providing essential solutions that effectively address diverse business obstacles for various organisations.

Hyland, a renowned player in the ECM (Enterprise Content Management) domain, effectively oversees your enterprise content throughout its entire lifecycle, starting from its creation until the final stage of archiving and disposal.

Through our strategic partnership with Automation Anywhere, futureX is committed to delivering advanced technology in the field of Business Process Automation. Our aim is to empower organisations by enhancing their productivity and driving down operating costs. With the power of Robotic Process Automation (RPA), we enable the automation of manual tasks across diverse industries such as Finance & Accounting, Healthcare, Networking & IT, and Human Resources.

The collaboration between futureX and Automation Anywhere has quickly made a significant impact, revolutionising the perception and adoption of automation among professionals. As the digital landscape undergoes a transitional phase, our joint efforts have successfully facilitated professionals in adapting and evolving their workflows.

Renowned enterprises from both the private and public sectors have seamlessly integrated futureX’s intelligently designed software BOTS, developed by our proficient data solution architects. As a result, they have witnessed remarkable improvements in productivity and substantial reductions in operational costs.

In the realm of Fraud and Risk Management, financial institutions are directing their attention towards intelligent and real-time AI-driven solutions, which are crucial for optimal operations. Recognizing this need, futureX has introduced its latest Inline Fraud and Risk Management (IFRM) product, known as BankIQ. BankIQ is an advanced Cognitive fast-data platform that empowers Banks, Financial Services, and other Institutions with the ability to leverage advanced AI applications, effectively simulating human intelligence across various problem-solving scenarios.

BankIQ excels in providing ‘true’ real-time analytics by harnessing real-time data. Real-time data plays a vital role in any comprehensive data analytics strategy, enabling businesses to perform analytics, gain valuable insights, and promptly respond to unfolding events with fresh data. The platform offers a comprehensive suite of Intelligent products such as IFRM – Inline Fraud & Risk Management, IPOM – Inline Promotions and Offer Management, Receivable Analytics & Assignment-of-Receivables, and more. Additionally, BankIQ empowers the development of customised analytic applications by leveraging AI & ML, enabling a wide range of problem-solving capabilities.

futureX has forged a strategic partnership with Microsoft to revolutionise the way our clients operate in Saudi Arabia. By collaborating with Microsoft, we are empowered to construct, oversee, and implement low-code applications, enabling seamless workflows for our esteemed clientele.

At futureX, we boast a team of highly skilled cloud experts who possess the expertise to navigate and thrive in a cloud-first environment. Leveraging the extensive capabilities of Microsoft Azure, Power BI, Power Automate, and Power Apps, we empower you to unlock the true potential of data and cloud.

Backed by our profound understanding of local enterprise requirements and years of industry experience, our team is dedicated to expediting your organisation’s digital transformation journey.