Enterprise Search Solution

A reliable enterprise search solution offers a robust tool that efficiently indexes, searches, and presents content from various intricate repositories within your organisation. It ensures speed, security, and ease of management, ultimately enhancing decision-making, productivity, customer service, and cost-effectiveness.

At futureX, our dedicated team comprises over 100 skilled developers and consultants who adopt a comprehensive approach to every project. We prioritise round-the-clock attention to understand our clients’ requirements fully, providing them with comprehensive, scalable, and adaptable development roadmaps.

Benefits of futureX Enterprise Search Solutions

Cost Reduction in Information Retrieval and Analysis

Our solution streamlines the process of finding, accessing, analysing, and utilising accurate information. By simplifying and expediting the search, users save valuable time and avoid unnecessary effort.

Enhanced Performance and Productivity

Organisations benefit from our Enterprise Search solution, which offers a powerful, user-friendly, and secure means of accessing critical information from any location, including web-enabled mobile devices.

Improved Decision-Making

Our seamless and universal access ensures quick information retrieval and sharing throughout the organisation. This empowers individuals to make more informed and efficient decisions.

Mitigated Business Risk

By providing access to up-to-date and relevant information, our enterprise search solution helps organisations mitigate legal and regulatory compliance risks. It also facilitates the identification of information gaps or sensitive data, thereby reducing potential exposure. 

What We Offer

Enterprise Search Consulting

We excel in providing top-notch Enterprise Search consulting services, led by experienced consultants with extensive knowledge in this domain.

Enterprise Search Design

If you require Enterprise Search services for your application, we offer professional design services tailored to your specific needs.

Enterprise Search Implementation

Once the Enterprise Search design is ready, our experts can seamlessly implement it within your system, ensuring accurate search results.

Support and Maintenance

We are committed to providing ongoing support and maintenance services for your Enterprise Search application. Our goal is to ensure the continuous operation and optimal performance of your Enterprise Search solution.

Frequently asked questions

Enterprise Search refers to a software solution that allows authorised users to retrieve content from various sources that may be dispersed across different repositories.

In an enterprise search solution, content goes through several phases, including content collection, content processing, indexing, query processing, and matching, to provide accurate and relevant search results.

We collaborate with industry-leading search providers to deploy and support their enterprise search solutions. Our experienced engineers and sales team adopt a comprehensive consultative approach to address your search requirements, from planning and deployment to ongoing support. We are recognized for our exceptional service and continued assistance even after the search engine is implemented.

Still have questions?

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SplashBI offers ready-made reports and dashboards tailored to key business areas, enabling users to make informed and decisive business choices. The comprehensive SplashBI framework comprises several specialised components, including SplashEBS (for Oracle EBS reporting), SplashGL (Financial Analytics), SplashHR (People Analytics), SplashOC (Oracle Cloud Reporting), and SplashDM (Discoverer Migration Utility). These components cater to the unique requirements of our esteemed customers, allowing them to derive value without the need for extensive custom development. Our software seamlessly connects to both on-premises and cloud data sources, such as big data, SQL databases, spreadsheets, and popular applications like Google Analytics and Salesforce. The ability to access and integrate multiple data sources without coding simplifies data management processes.

To illustrate, SplashEBS serves as a pre-built connector accompanied by optional pre-built reports that possess a deep understanding of Oracle EBS security, roles, responsibilities, DFFs, KFFs, and the overall structure of Oracle EBS. With an extensive collection of over 1300 pre-built reports, SplashBI covers more than 35 EBS Modules, providing users with the assurance that they will only access the data pertinent to their roles. Likewise, for Oracle Cloud users, SplashOC offers a vast selection of 550+ pre-built dashboards across various modules, enabling them to harness the power of our software effectively.