Digital Signature Solution

An electronic signature, also known as an e-signature, is a legally recognized method of obtaining consent or approval on electronic documents or forms. It serves as a digital replacement for a handwritten signature and is applicable in various processes. In the current competitive digital business landscape, relying solely on paper-based ink signatures is no longer sufficient. By adopting a digital e-Sign solution, organisations can optimise their document management by streamlining the processes of sending, reviewing, approving, and signing documents. Implementing an e-Sign service not only allows organisations to reduce costs associated with printing, scanning, and delivery but also minimises their environmental impact, all while maintaining security.

futureX, with its extensive knowledge of Enterprise Content Management and Business Intelligence practices, assists organisations in effectively managing, securing, and extracting valuable insights from their content and data. We empower businesses to achieve accelerated growth, cost reduction, and improved information governance and security across industry verticals.

Benefits of futureX Digital Signature Solutions

Enhanced Efficiency

Traditional ink signatures can be time-consuming. With e-signature, documents can be signed off within minutes.

Environmentally Friendly

E-signature offers a sustainable alternative as the signing process is virtual, reducing the reliance on paper.

Trusted Security

Any modifications made after the document is signed are promptly detected, ensuring transparency. Multiple parties can sign a single document as part of a workflow process.


E-signature solutions are designed for ease of use, featuring a clean user interface that has gained significant popularity.

Cost Savings

Paper-based signing processes can be extremely expensive. By eliminating the need for physical paper, we help organisations achieve substantial cost reductions.


E-signature solutions utilise standards-based PKI digital signature techniques, enabling anyone using programs like Adobe® Reader to verify signatures.

Features of futureX Digital Signature Solutions

Easy Access

Our platform, SigningHub, can be conveniently accessed from any device, operating system, and browser. It also offers seamless integration into your own applications using our user-friendly API.

Efficient Document Tracking and Management

SigningHub allows you to track the status of your document signatures in real-time across multiple devices.

Streamlined Document Preparation

With our comprehensive range of features, you can effortlessly prepare documents for sign-off. You can add signers, define signing orders, set document permissions, include initial fields, incorporate legal notices, and more. Moreover, you can save workflow templates for future use and automate the application process for upcoming documents.

Complete Enterprise Management Control

Take complete control of your enterprise users by establishing corporate signing policies, customising translation and branding, and creating your own personalised SigningHub service with tailored service plans and billing.

Secure User Authentication

SigningHub offers a variety of methods to verify the identity of individuals involved in the sign-off process. You can configure single or multi-factor authentication techniques and utilise digital IDs from external identity service providers.

Efficient Document Review and Signing

SigningHub provides an extensive array of features for managing approval workflows, collecting various types of digital signatures, and handling real-world scenarios such as delegated signing, group signatures, and bulk signing of multiple documents. 

Adherence to Legal Compliance

Ensuring the legal acceptability of electronic and digital signatures in different jurisdictions is crucial, especially for organisations operating across borders. SigningHub strictly adheres to the highest standards for user authentication and secure long-term digital signatures.

Still have questions?

By leveraging futureX Digital Signature Solutions, organisations can streamline their workflows, enhance security, save costs, and achieve compliance with legal standards. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can assist your business.

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