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With the strong adoption of digital transformation in every public and private sector enterprise in Saudi Arabia driven by Vision 2030, new opportunities uncover for these enterprises. Positive changes are continuously taking place and young generation is driving the country’s transformation. Organizations aspire to be more competitive, agile and efficient. They also want to provide better customer/employee experiences, automate and improve business processes as well as getting accurate analysis and insights into their organizations.

FutureX’s mission is to be the leading partner that enterprises join hands with in their digital transformation journey in full alignment to Saudi Arabia Vision 2030. We will provide solutions to transform our customer’s business to become best in class in the experience and innovation they offer to the citizens and clients they serve. To accomplish this FutureX will strive to bring global digital transformation solutions and expertise to the region.

Our goal at FutureX Technologies is to become our client's first choice and digital partner in their digital journey. To accomplish this, we strive to exceed our customer’s expectations, We go for that extra mile that goes beyond project-based relationships with other partners.

What we do

We work with enterprises in public and private sectors to:

  1. Optimize business processes based by deploying modern business process management solutions.
  2. Fully automate operations and processes by deploying Robotic Process Automation from top RPA providers.
  3. Get maximum value from the treasures of accumulated data which has been incrementally retained over the years by deploying appropriate solutions in data engineering, optimization and warehousing. This process will feed several machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence systems to maximize value, trends, insights and dashboards. Accordingly, business decision makers, employees and anyone being served by the organization will get more effective services and products for less cost.
  4. Skill up employees to contribute to business process improvements and finding insights in the organization’s data treasury!
  5. Our solutions will transform customer’s digitally to increase productivity, reduce cost, increase revenue, improve customers and employees experience and / or entice innovation, creativity and internal positive contribution.
  6. Help organization with leading HR and talent management, acquisition and development solutions.
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